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DES Daughters: Banned Pregnancy Drug Linked to Infertility, Prematurity and Cancer

Posted on October 18, 2011 at 3:13 AM Comments comments (26)
What is a DES daughter? This was an area that I spent many months trying to get to the bottom of for myself. My reproductive specialist and I put together the pieces of a complex puzzle, for which I had nearly every symptom. One of the biggest symptoms of a DES daughter is a "T-shaped" uterus. 
Although there is a long list of symptoms for DES daughters, the treatment is typically the same: IVF (with very closely monitored pregnancies). Except I was already undergoing IVF, with daily monitoring. My uterus was not T-shaped though, and my mother's medical records were never saved going that far back (don't think I didn't call every doctor she went to, trying to get answers!). Ultimately, my doctor concluded I was not a DES daughter, but the bottom line was that I would never know for sure. 
Here is a recent article in Time Magazine's Healthland section, that explains some interesting info on the subject: