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Fertility Acupuncture...Does It Work?

Posted on February 19, 2012 at 2:21 AM Comments comments (23)
Let me just remind you that I am NOT a medical doctor. I'm not a scientist. Never conducted any research or ran a clinical trial of any sort. However, I spent 6 years trying to have a baby, and have tons of personal experience on the topic.
I will start this post by saying that I have NO idea what the statistics are in terms of whether or not there's proof out there in the universe that acupuncture helps with fertility treatments. I know for myself, having gone for bi-weekly treatments consistently for 2 years, that it helped with something.
Having gone to 2 different fertility docs over 6 years, I will say that both specialists said the same thing: they couldn't prove whether or not acupuncture "worked" in conjunction with fertility treatments, however they had plenty of business cards and referrals of reputable acupuncturists to recommend, in the event that I - and dozens of other patients - were interested in trying it. They also said that "it can't hurt." My large network of friends and acquaintances also swore by their acupuncture treatments. I figured it was worth trying and that I had nothing to lose.
My acupuncturist would tell me that she helped bring blood to my reproductive system in order to help flush out toxins. Or, she would unblock or unclog energetic fields so my systems worked more harmoniously. Or, she was helping to balance my hormones. Or, she was relieving my stress. Quite honestly, I never challenged what she did, mostly because I was so desperate at that point, and I would have tried anything to get pregnant and hold onto the pregnancy long enough to have a healthy baby.
My acupuncturist had a large practice of primarily fertility patients. Often times, as I lie still with 15-20 needles positioned in my body at any given point, I would hear conversations with other patients, who would describe where they were in their treatments, cycles, procedures, fertility meds, etc. I started to hear patterns over time, and she would tell me each week how many patients were pregnant. She had a notebook with people's stats, following their progress from pregnancy test through birth. It was encouraging.
I will say from personal experience, that if nothing else, my stress was reduced drastically, and as a former needle-phobe, I was shocked at my ability to allow all of those needles to be inserted in various points of my body, and lay there for a 1/2 hour for the best naps of my life. Deep, relaxing, rejuvenating, restful sleep. Dare I even say, at times, that it was better than a trip to the spa. Even if all it did was lower my stress and anxiety levels, it was totally worth it, and then some.
Check with your human resources department and see if your employee benefits include acupuncture treatments. Some'll be the best time ever spent during fertility treatments, hands down.